Monday, January 12, 2009

the trees appear aflame in the hour of sundown

Today someone asked if I was considering foregoing the snow trip next weekend because of the money or because I was stressed over it. And I realized that it was both. I stress when I have no money, but I was also anxious over the prospect of losing precious alone time, something I've come to covet and savor and guard especially over the last few months. I need it. I've always known that, but having experienced it, having come to love quiet evenings at home with tea and a book or even just organizing around the house...I hesitate to make plans and I'm becoming less apt to accept them.

I'm eating better and I'm feeling so much more balanced. I'm excited about what the next few weeks hold. Now if I could just figure out how to get past this issue with my body thinking I have the time to sleep ten hours a day, I'd be golden.


  1. The snow trip is a great opportunity for fellowship, you can always use the following weekend for some alone time.

    I totally understand though, I'm loving my alone time each morning with my cup of tea and blogs to read.

    (ps, World Market has a lot of great mugs and mug/infuser sets on clearance, Jeff and I picked up a few today.)

  2. I'm super glad you're taking time of yourself. :)