Friday, February 13, 2009

on restlessness and rainy days

So I was really good about updating for a while there, and then a monthlong hiatus. To my credit, with this juggling of multiple jobs and school, I don't spend as much time musing in the way that my soul needs. Daniel put it quite well: I have a restless heart. I am more exhausted by waiting than I am by going and doing. And in doing a lot of waiting, I force my spirit into a sort of restricted, choke-y state where I feel less passionately and I am susceptible to frustration and lethargy. I just function better when I'm thinking and moving and exploring. And I nearly crashed my car when I caught a glimpse of the Sierras this afternoon when the cloud cover cleared up.

I'm aching to get up to Yosemite again soon, but family takes priority since I haven't been home since before New Year's. I'll have to make do for now.

I'm reading a lot, which is good. Nothing like the breathless frenzy of literary devouring that happened over break, but still a steady diet of recreational reading, sometimes at the expense of required reading or sleep.

Oh yeah. Sleep. I should do that.

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